New York, NY

kgbweb is a distinct small and agile team that functions as an incubated start-up funded by a larger organization. What we are working on is still kind of a secret but I can tell you that it’s focused on completely changing the way we find, consume, share, and manage content on the web today. We are focused on the growing importance of the real-time web and the concurrent need to reduce the noise. We are driven by a strong desire to deliver a better overall experience with a lot less effort required from our users.

Our office is extremely open and collegiate, and we are committed to letting ideas thrive above all else. We’re a very eclectic bunch of characters, but we all share a common commitment to taking whatever we do, fun or work, to the max. Some words that have been used to describe us are: passionate, fun, funny, innovative, contrarian, automagical, brilliant, academic, whimsical, and most importantly respectful. If you fit 3 or more of those descriptions, you might just have some of that magic we’re looking for.

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