Product Development Consultant


I am a product developer with 8 years experience in Home, Health/Wellness, Pet, and Tool products. I've also worked in inventor services, and have a thorough understanding of intellectual property and bringing inventions to market.
I trained in product design and development at SFSU and then AAU, and find both the business and the psychology of product design to be the things that keep me thinking. The business part can be mundane, but is the basic component of our lives. Like cooking, you can feed yourself, or you can create a fabulous experience. The psychology of design encompasses much, but aesthetics, and the biophysical perception of form is fascinating to me. Like appreciating music, why do we? I'm sure the basis is evolutionary, but it gets twisted or converted and we get pleasure from something that is removed from basic human needs. Or is it?
This may be anathema to most, but I find styling to be only one aspect of a successful product. It's often the most discussed, but if all the pieces don't come together, its ultimately and inevitably destined for failure. You have o find that intersection of forces that creates synergy.

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