Company Profile

Each team members are experienced in the industries for the past few years before taking a big step to establish the company. The game starts with the individual freelance project and collaboration with experience party in design competition and exhibition. Furthermore, the players also involve with international design and manufacturing firm.

From the long journey in gaining skills and knowledge in designing and manufacturing, the level are at the top to entering the mass market. Each individual skill is asset to strengthen the team, and with determination and passion the team is ready to swim out of the bowl.
The team members come from various background and expertise, local automotive industries, furniture and interior design, research and development, product innovation and industrial design, material, process and manufacturing are the game we played.

Sytherlabs are the company of team that emerges from the synthesis young designer as the name. Labs are the symbol of ‘idea laboratory center’ and also from the acronym of the founders.
Behind syntherlabs there are strategic planning with the cooperation with many talented person, additional syntherlabs are having directions of links with numerous industries.

Syntherlabs design studio is creating tangible solution in term of design to satisfying consumer needs. All of our artwork are develop in secure and private environment, all project are handled confidently.
The company provides competitive price service and product of
- Industrial design and product innovation
- Research and development
- Design consultancy
- Scale model and prototyping
- CAD ( computer aided design i.e. 3d,multimedia
- Automotive styling ( exterior and interior
- Interior and furniture design
- Production and manufacturing support ( design engineering )