Crux Creative

Company Profile

We are a passionate, experience-driven, “let’s-go-for-it” kind of agency headquartered in Lake Geneva with team members in Chicago and Los Angeles. Companies reach out to Crux when they need a multidisciplinary approach to producing design and marketing solutions and are eager for design work that is bold and effective.

Since the founding of Crux in 2005, as the name would imply, we began helping brands in a decidedly different way–through a fearless approach to design work and a philosophy that says, “Don’t water it down. Go for it!” We have been incredibly fortunate to build our business through referrals, win many awards, and serve clients in diverse industries using a variety of communication channels and services, including: Wayfinding/Branded Environments, Smart Web/Media Solutions and Print/Branding.

It’s simple. We’re all adrenaline junkies. Though not everyone on our team fancies the idea of jumping out of a plane, we all recognize that every brand gets a chance to do something big. Every brand has a pivotal decision to make and a chance to stand for something bold and meaningful. The thrill of helping our clients communicate bravely ignites our passion to explore, experience, construct, and design new ideas.

It’s this activity that guides our instincts to creating effective results for our clients. We work diligently to develop compelling creative. We work hard at building long-term relationships. And we give ourselves and our clients that extra push not to dilute a brand’s best creative work. Rather, we’re kind of agency that will plug in the microphone for you. We’ll hand you the parachute and push. We’ll secure your carabiner. We’ll clear the line to the diving board for you. We’ll do whatever it takes to help your brand take advantage of that pivotal moment when it can achieve market-leading meaning.

We do it every day and we utterly love it. When it comes to branding, designing and developing there’s only one way we do it: with BRAVERY REQUIRED.