Source Interlink

Company Profile

Source Interlink Companies is a leading marketing, merchandising, content and fulfillment company of entertainment products, including DVDs, music CDs, magazines, books and related items. The Company's fully integrated businesses include:

•Distribution and fulfillment of entertainment products to major retail chains throughout North America and directly to consumers of entertainment products ordered through the Internet
•Provider of magazines, events, television shows, radio programming and related Web sites for automobile, marine, equine, outdoor sports, home tech, daytime television and other enthusiast audiences
•Import and export of periodicals sold in more than 100 markets worldwide
•Coordination of product selection and placement of impulse items sold at checkout counters
•Processing and collection of rebate claims as well as management of sales data obtained at the point-of-purchase
•Design, manufacture and installation of wire fixtures and displays in major retail chains
•Licensing of children's and family-friendly home entertainment products

Source Interlink serves approximately 110,000 retail store locations throughout North America. Supply chain relationships include consumer goods advertisers, subscribers, movie studios, record labels, magazine and newspaper publishers, confectionery companies and manufacturers of general merchandise. Visit our website for further information