Carbon Design Group

Company Profile

Carbon is a full-service product development consultancy. We live at the intersection of technology and design. From insight to impact, we define what comes next and make it real. Carbon delights clients by blending insightful research, thoughtful design, and end-to-end engineering expertise. We apply informed intuition and inspired ingenuity to create stand-out products and experiences that connect. Our holistic approach minimizes risk, speeds time to market, and delivers results that resonate.

Our experience is broad. Carbon has an extensive track record in consumer, industrial, and medical markets. Cross-pollination brings new insights and enables us to create smart solutions that defy market expectations. Our experience is deep. We’ve been collaborating with clients to create successful products for 18 years. We’ve developed mature processes and methods that result in products that set our clients’ brands apart.

At Carbon, delivering an outstanding client experience is just as important as creating outstanding products. We treasure our many long-term client relationships.

We’re passionate about the power of design to make a difference. From start to finish, we’re focused on creating more than products; we’re focused on creating impact. Impact in the market. Impact on the bottom line. And, most of all, impact on lives.