Company Profile

MINIMAL is a Chicago-based studio creating iconic, disruptive, brand-building products and experiences that connect emotionally with users. We are a top collective of multi-disciplinary talent consistently delivering new products and brands that translate into sustainable market successes regardless of category or industry.

From brand-defining icons and game-changing new product ecosystems for companies like Xbox, Microsoft, Google, Dell, Nike, Coalesse and Apple, to exploring uncharted territory on riskier ventures with start-ups and entrepreneurs, our award-winning work spans a diverse range of industries from technology, medical and consumer products to lifestyle, furniture and environments.

Scott Wilson is the founder and principal designer of Chicago-based MINIMAL. A former Global Creative Director at Nike, Wilson has been a design leader in organizations such as IDEO, Thomson Consumer Electronics, Fortune Brands and Motorola. Equal parts visionary designer and serial entrepreneur, Wilson consistently delivers compelling and thoughtful solutions to market across a wide range of industries.

MINIMAL's own start-up ventures, such as LUNATIK, have been equally groundbreaking. In 2010, TikTok+LunaTik disrupted the product development world when Wilson used crowd-funding site Kickstarter to launch the designs. His studio experiment, which became an overnight phenomenon upon launch and raised $1M in 30 days, has been credited with ‘kickstarting’ Kickstarter and continues to inspire countless designers and entrepreneurs around the world.

Wilson’s next generation studio model puts MINIMAL in a unique position in the product development industry. Moreover, the inspiration and virtual mentorship that Wilson continues to provide to creatives and aspiring entrepreneurs around the world sets him apart as one of the few transformative designers working today.