New York, NY

Knewton is developing the industry’s most powerful adaptive learning engine, customizing educational content to meet the needs of each student. Whereas traditional classrooms and textbooks provide the same material to every student, Knewton will dynamically match lessons, videos, and practice problems to each student’s ideal learning arc.

Knewton works by tagging all content down to the atomic concept level. The system further tags the resulting content by structure, difficulty level, and media format. Then we can dynamically generate for each student, each day, the perfect bundle of content based on exactly which concepts she knows and how she learns best.

Today, Knewton’s GMAT prep, LSAT prep, and SAT prep courses bring adaptive learning plus the brightest and most experienced teachers directly to students worldwide via a live and on-demand video classroom. The Knewton platform will soon be open to publishers, universities, and other organizations to power their educational content to help anyone on the planet learn more effectively.

Knewton was selected Technology Pioneer 2011 by the World Economic Forum.

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