Avero LLC

New York, NY


Avero is a fast growing, cloud-based SaaS company, that has a dynamic work environment and is committed to changing the restaurant industry! We pride ourselves at being hospitality specialists who approach the food and beverage industry in a revolutionary and innovative way (Food lovers need only apply!)

Avero stores and analyzes the sales and labor data of the world’s greatest operators. Whether you run a fine dining restaurant group, a casino, a hotel or a casual dining chain, our cloud-level solutions and professional services leverage the best practices of our customers to help your operations save time, drive same store sales, lower prime costs and provide a better guest experience. Over 14,000 users utilize Avero’s products & solutions to run their restaurants and make critical operational decisions. Avero has the industry thought leaders as clients in each of the major segments: fine dining/celebrity chefs, casual dining, hotels, and casinos.

Our flagship business intelligence platform, Avero Slingshot, is used by restaurants across the US and is now in 27 countries across five continents. Our new performance management solution, Avero Single Server Mentoring, helps restaurant operators increase revenue and improve the guest experience. Our team of hospitality specialists analyzes over $14 billion in annual food & beverage revenue to help our customers grow even faster. With headquarters in New York City, Avero also has offices in Las Vegas, Dallas, and Singapore.

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