Solid Contracts Ltd

Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Solid Contracts Ltd is a dedicated SolidWorks 3D CAD networking and recruitment company. Their focus is on finding and introducing the best SolidWorks skilled Product Designers on the market. Great designers will be networking with Solid Contracts Ltd.

As part of their growth plan in the UK Solid Contracts Ltd has only employed designers and engineers that have the vision to help creative Product Designers identify the next big career move.

Built on head hunting principles, Solid Contracts Ltd has successfully supported Super Yacht Design teams, Watch Design houses and some of the worlds leading POS/POP and Product Design Consultancies.

A large part of our selection process involves using Portfolios as proof of potential for our clients. A candid approach to feedback is also used, which will give all our candidate or client partners the best opportunity to succeed in the recruitment process.

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