Arena Solutions

Company Profile

Arena is at the heart of the world’s most innovative products.

At Arena we’re changing the way innovative products are made. We’re leveling the playing field for pioneering manufacturers around the world by streamlining tedious tasks and freeing companies to focus on their products.

We’re knocking down the barriers between great ideas and great products.

With a new class of web applications, we’re removing the obstacles that keep brilliant ideas from becoming brilliant products. Our cloud-based apps make it easier than ever for manufacturers to capture, manage and share the information they need to design and build their products.

It’s a big job, but we’re up to the task.

We’re a nimble organization with an informal environment and an ambitious team that is hardworking and easygoing all at once. We take pride in the vibrancy of our culture, the energy of our people, the impact of our products and the multitude of ways in which our customers are making the world a better place.

We’re inspired by our amazing customers.

Our team has a mix of backgrounds, but we all share an appreciation for great products. And those of us who’ve worked as product designers, buyers or manufacturing engineers know first-hand just how challenging the truly great ones are to produce.

Our customers make it look easy.

They develop electric cars, “personal transporters,” holographic 3D modeling systems, green cleaning products, wearable HD cameras, wind turbines, robotic vacuums, invisible braces and thousands of other groundbreaking gadgets, devices, appliances, vehicles and packaged goods.

They inspire us to excel too: When we provide the best possible web apps, they can focus on providing the world with the best possible products.

Not to brag, but…
we have a culture that’s worth bragging about.

From the breathtaking view of the San Francisco skyline to our incredibly bright, friendly, fun and interesting colleagues to the challenging work we undertake every day, it’s hard to be unhappy when we walk through the door of our Foster City waterfront offices. We believe problems are made to be solved, and as much as we like a good debate, we never lose sight of the fact that we’re on the same team, working toward a shared goal. We’re quick to tease and still quicker to praise, and we know that the best ideas come when exceptional people tackle meaningful work together. We work hard, but our lives outside of work are valued the way they should be—i.e., a LOT—and the work environment reflects that.