Speck Design

Shanghai, China

Speck Design is an award-winning product consulting company with offices in Palo Alto, California and Shanghai. Our services include research, marketing and product strategy consulting, product design, and manufacturing support.

Speck offers very extensive services on research, and marketing and product strategy consulting to help client launch successful products in the global market.

Speck designs and engineers practical, intelligent, eye-catching products that succeed in the marketplace. Speck provides deep expertise in industrial design (usability, aesthetics, human factors, concepts) and in product engineering (mechanical design, thermal analysis, structural design, design for manufacturability, FMEA, cabling, materials). We infuse this creativity with professional project management to reduce the cost of product development, get to market faster, and reduce manufacturing cost and complexity.

Notable clients include Apple Computer, Abbott Labs, Audi/VW, BMW, Boston Scientific, Clorox, Cisco Systems, Dell, Ericsson, Huawei, Juniper, Intel, Lenovo, Logitech, Medtronic, Motorola, Nissan, Nike, The North Face, Palm Computing and more.

Go to www.speckdesign.com and click on Work, then Clients to see the breadth of our work.

We are now growing our Shanghai team and seeking passionate, smart, highly motivated individuals to join our team. Speck offers competitive compensation packages, and what we are more proud of, we provide a very fun, creative environment to work. Working for Speck is all about passion, creativity and unlimited possibility. We welcome you to join us, a very smart, talented global team.

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