Company Profile

Alternatives is dedicated to strengthening the impression of everything our clients do, across all forms of brand, media and retail communication. We utilize all available tools shown in the capabilities circle at left to develop and implement creative strategies and visual solutions for business, brand and product success.

Our work over the past 25+ years has encompassed award winning and business building programs for many highly successful US and International companies. Start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike need to succeed while making every dollar count. When everything works together, budgets are also maximized and a company or organization is able to offer more—development, service and value—fueling their growth.

By helping our clients to offer more, we've been able to grow with them. We are fortunate to have many on-going relationships that have brought mutual long-term success. We are an incredible team of talented professionals located in New York City's thriving Chelsea neighborhood, at the gateway to galleries, the Highline Park and the Hudson Yards development.