Harmonix Music Systems

Cambridge, MA

Harmonix Music Systems is a Cambridge, Mass.-based videogame development company that specializes in music-based games. The company, renowned for its groundbreaking design innovation, is home to a vibrant and dynamic collection of designers, artists, gamers and musicians. Founded in 1995 by Alex Rigopulos and Eran Egozy, the core principle at the heart of all Harmonix products is to share the joy of creating and performing music with everyone, regardless of their musical experience.
Harmonix has a long legacy of producing not only popular, but also award-winning games centered around music. Rock Band and Rock Band 2, have brought the company’s mission of bringing the joy of making music to living rooms, garages and practice spaces around the world. A full-blown band simulation game that combines guitar, bass, drum and singing gameplay — as well as online multiplayer competition and co-op play — Rock Band and its sequels have become true cultural phenomena; hailed as “the ultimate music game” (Wired) and “the best party game ever made” (Time).

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