Company Profile

MojoTech creates web and mobile apps for big and soon-to-be-big companies.

Our offices are based in Providence, RI and New York, NY with clients in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Providence and around the world. We use state-of-the-art technologies such as Node.js and Ruby on Rails to create web and mobile apps our clients - and their users - love.

We have been building interactive experiences since 1999 and have extensive experience designing and developing responsive, location-aware, geospatial, big-data, real-time, and social applications. Webby Awards, IMA's, WWWeb Awards, etc - all of those guys; we've won them. We practice Agile web development, iterative design, and work in week-long sprints that give our clients complete transparency and flexibility. Our web applications, mobile applications, and digital products solve real-world problems, resonate with users, scale with success, and redefine what’s possible on the web.