Electronic Ink

Company Profile

At Electronic Ink, making interfaces that are beautiful is required, but not good enough. We are a design consultancy that solves complex business problems. Our value is in the ingenuity that we bring to bear on client needs, and we must constantly grow in this respect. Those who work here have a passion for learning. The progressive environment allows designers to assume more responsibility than they would at other design firms.

Design at Electronic Ink is the result of a process that is initiated by a period of research, of which the designer is a part. All designers must recognize the importance of research, and if you have training and/or personal experience with it, that’s even better. Our innovative solutions include creating functionally- and aesthetically-satisfying user interfaces. Our designers are a hybrid of UX and visual designers. This creates a more seamless – and stronger design process and product – than conventional firms that segregate the work of the two disciplines.

Essential to the Electronic Ink design process is equal collaboration among the project management (CPMs), design, research and technology teams, who together form the team that is responsible for our client relationships. This practice contrasts the “account manager” model, in which the client-designer relationship is mediated by someone who does not have direct responsibility for the design of the solution. Designers’ direct contact with clients ensures that mutual understanding of needs and parameters is achieved.