Company Profile

"I remember it like it was yesterday. Lying in bed, recovering from surgery to remove a malignant stomach tumor. Too uncomfortable to read, I spent countless hours staring aimlessly at an outdated TV. The days grew longer. I craved information about my condition, communication with friends and family and connectivity to the outside world. I felt a complete loss of empowerment. I knew there had to be a better way. Today there is. Welcome to GetWellNetwork®."

Michael B. O’Neil, Jr.
Founder and CEO


Get connected. Get informed. Get well.

As the leader in interactive patient care solutions, GetWellNetwork is enabling hospitals to achieve breakthrough results in the areas of improved patient satisfaction as well as clinical and financial outcomes by engaging patients and their families directly at the bedside.

Specifically, GetWellNetwork provides a comprehensive solution to hospital patient education and entertainment by turning an in-room television monitor into an interactive experience for:

* Patients and families to gain anytime access to an array of education, entertainment, services and Internet resources – all geared toward empowering them during a hospital stay
* Caregivers to obtain insight and support of their primary mission of providing top-quality care to their patients, relieving administrative burdens and enhancing their morale
* Administrators to achieve their vision through real-time resources that inform service delivery decisions, ease the administration of regulatory compliance and improve financial performance