BlackHagen Design, Inc.

Company Profile

BlackHägen Design is a progressive user research and product development firm that supports all levels of medical, consumer and industrial product design innovation. We strategically support our clients with product plans and solutions that are researched, designed and engineered to be cost effective yet sensitive to both client and user needs.

Our problem solving skills are based on the cross-pollination of experiences in a wide variety of industries. Through a proprietary methodology for discovering innovation and generating Product Definition, we research, confirm and document the intended design specifications through a systematic process. This strategic process is critical to having a full understanding of the ultimate product requirements as it drives formal product development. It is this robust process that separates us from our competition and has contributed to the assignment of over 100 patents to our clients.

We support the formal design process by providing the necessary resources at the on-site and associate level. Our Program Management directs our team of industrial designers, mechanical engineers, GUI designers and prototyping professionals. In addition, we offer integrated management of offshore manufacturing resources to supplement tooling and assembly builds. We consider our clients as business partners in developing products that are suited for their intended market, price point and product life.