Company Profile

We are industrial designers, engineers, artists,
musicians, analytical thinkers, researchers, dreamers,
doers, advocates, inventors, business strategists,
cheerleaders, technologists, psychologists,
philosophers, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, risk
takers and believers.

Our passion is design that’s beauty goes much deeper than
aesthetics. Innovation that isn’t just new but better on every
level. We are driven to create products that are empathetic,
exude purpose and delight the inner soul.

We believe...
that when you know the user, you know what needs to be
done. That a wealth of practical knowledge and keen instincts
is a potent combination. That we can improve the world we
live in. That the most successful products are born of robust,
collaborative business relationships.

We believe that (ELEVEN) can help you create products that will
engage consumers for years to come.