Copesetic Inc

Company Profile

Copesetic Inc. is a true “state of the art” facility creating the highest quality models and prototypes….fast! We understand design is a process that often includes several steps involving different types of prototyping such as; foam block models, proof of concept models, appearance models, photo models, engineering models, and lastly, “works like” “looks like” models/sales samples. Send us your product/part files or drawings and Copesetic will turn your data into spectacular 3D models, finished to your specifications. You design…we create!

Our services include; CNC machining, SLS, SLA, cast duplicates, clear, tinted, painted and/or flexible parts at different durometers. In recent years, Copesetic parts have been tested in the heat of the Saudi Desert on the top of vehicles, in the cold of a kitchen freezer at home, on preschoolers in swimming pools, or Rockin’ to some very popular video games and much more. Our client list ranges from Fortune 500 companies to start ups no one has heard of… yet.