iLuv Creative Technology

Company Profile

Commitment to design, quality, innovation and value are hallmarks of iLuv's products, and we welcome all who share this ethos.

This is evident in how we operate our corporate offices, design our products and packaging, choose our business partners, and adopt international standards for the use of renewable and recyclable materials. We care about our employees, customers, partners and environment with the highest degree of compassion and integrity.

We believe that our commitment demands a long-term promise; sustainability is as much a key to success as short-term strategies and calls to action. It is through this approach that responsible companies make meaningful and lasting contributions to the world.

These Core Values are simply to communicate clearly and effectively, promote teamwork and a culture of appreciation, and to always practice those skills that will promote the strongest leadership and highest levels of ethics and professionalism by example… and of course to offer the most innovative and relevant products for our customers’ enjoyment.

Interested in joining a growing brand determined to be the market leader? Willing to do what it takes to be a part of a successful team? Then kindly consider iLuv!