Opera Solutions

Company Profile

Opera Solutions turns Big Data into Big Profit for the world’s leading companies. Established in 2004, we have today grown to 600+ professionals, with offices in New York, Jersey City, Cambridge, San Diego, London, Paris, New Delhi, and Shanghai.

Analytics and technology are central to our value proposition, not an afterthought. When you come to work for us, you’ll be joining a rapidly growing firm offering exceptional opportunities – working on very interesting questions and using an array of cutting edge approaches. You will have the breadth and the support to try new and creative avenues to solve problems.

The work environment at Opera Solutions is fluid, challenging and fast-paced, reflecting the diversity of our clients and their needs. We work in teams and draw on each other’s strengths to deliver results that really make a difference. Each team member is supported by the guidance and expertise of the rest of the team. We staff projects globally, giving employees the opportunity to work with a global group of the best and brightest from North America, Europe, and Asia.