New York, NY

Poppin, Inc is an innovative office products company defined by an exceptional customer experience and beautiful product designs. It is privately held and financed by J. Christopher Burch, Shasta Ventures, First Round Capital and a group of angel investors. Poppin intends to become the first company that makes buying, using, looking at, and thinking about office products an extraordinary experience.

Founded in September 2009, Poppin's mission is to provide both individuals and businesses with the tools they need to be happy at work. Poppin promises eye poppin products, jaw droppin prices and mind bogglin service to create an extraordinary customer experience. The company launched their E-commerce site in Beta (www.poppin.com) in June 2011. Poppin plans to have an official brand and website launch in Summer 2012.

The Office Products market is exceptionally large at $300 Billion in annual sales. By most other measures, it is unexceptional. The market is saturated with nearly identical mega-retailers that sell dull products, offer unremarkable customer service, and provide a bland shopping experience.

Office supplies are a necessary but utterly mundane part of our day. We expect little more from them than to hold our papers together and write down our thoughts. We have grown accustomed to buying and using inferior office supplies and shopping in uninspiring office supply stores. Simply put, we don’t think about these utilitarian items unless we’re running low.

They are where our coffee was 20 years ago, where our computers were 15 years ago and where our groceries were 10 years ago. Then Starbucks hit the scene and we learned to demand quality from our coffee; Apple gained traction and we learned to insist on beautifully designed, easy-to use personal computers; and Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods flourished and we learned to expect superior service and quality from our grocery stores.

We started Poppin to become the first retailer that makes buying, using, looking at, and thinking about office products an extraordinary experience. We are reinventing this commodity and re-imagining it into something exciting and compelling, and we are doing this at competitive prices. We want to take these dull, ordinary and tired products, and fill them with color, spirit and life. When these products are arranged together, they should bring happiness and inspiration to the workspace. That is what Poppin is about.

In short, we know the experience of shopping for office supplies can be exceptional.

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