The Impact Partnership

Company Profile

The Impact Partnership, LLC is a leading distributor of Annuities and Life Insurance products. We are a key distribution partner for many of the top Annuity and Life insurance companies in the United States. Impact’s Marketing Department designs, manages and executes visual communication solutions for financial advisor clients and their practices nationwide. Impact supports the areas of campaign management, experiential marketing, corporate communications, and cause-related marketing.

We believe in the simple stick. We believe in showing up and finishing. We believe the juggernaut has nothing on us. We believe in not being the bottleneck. We believe there is no box. Solving problems. Kerning, tracking and classic typefaces. Breaking borders. Purple cow. Backing it up and closing down the club. Great copy. Clear messaging. Attention-grabbing design. We are not a part of the industry; we are the industry. We believe that great work is a representation of us, so we stand by it all.
We believe in growing people’s practices.