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We are Prime Outsourcing, Inc. – a leading offshore staff leasing solutions provider based in Manila, Philippines. Our company is driven to provide outstanding offshore outsourcing solutions fueled by determination, ingenuity, honor, and professionalism. Since 2005, we have been progressively striving to become the best outsourcing provider today.

Our company proudly consists of business and information technology professional highly proficient in their respective fields. Each and every member of our team gained valuable knowledge from reputable schools in the Philippines, and developed their craft through rigorous training practices, and extensive work experience.

Prime Outsourcing offers services for the following disciplines:

· Web Development
· Design
· Web Content and Marketing
· Back Office Services
· Contact Center Services

With Prime Outsourcing, you can get advantages you can receive in typical local office settings, but drastically less overhead and production costs and human resource management, while gaining greater time efficiency and profit margins.

When you lease staff from our company, you get the following operational advantages:

· Total control and supervision over your leased employees
· Direct communication with your chosen staff
· Set limitations, margins, and daily production quota
· Staff members send daily reports to you directly
· In-office supervisors monitor daily production
· Flexible work hours – Prime Outsourcing is fully-operational 24 hours a day, 5 days a week

In addition, Prime Outsourcing has flexible service programs that can easily fit your envisioned time frame, projected deliverables, or set budget allowance respectively.

We are looking forward to work with you in the near future. For more information about our company and offshore service offers, please visit .

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Prime Outsourcing, Inc.
International: +1-510-431-1077
USA and Canada: 1-800-863-0982 (toll-free)