Dallas, TX

The firm's long-standing design philosophy has remained constant since the firms inception in 1966 and is an ever present goal:

"Through the thoughtful exploration of form, space, materials and resources, Staffelbach achieves functional interior spaces of quality, innovation and significance which express the firm's overall commitment to EXCELLENCE FROM CONCEPT THROUGH REALIZATION."

Dedication to this philosophy and unequalled client service are key factors in the firm's accomplishments. By satisfying the client's goals, the firm automatically satisfies its goals, thus achieving mutual success.

Our vision is to contribute in a meaningful way through our work and to set standards of excellence for the world of business.

Our mission is to create environments that exceptional people are excited by, and proud of, and therefore committed to and productive within.

Our innovation is based on the thoughtful exploration and integration of form, space, materials and resources. Through it, we achieve functional and intelligent interior spaces of quality and significance, which express the firm's overall commitment to excellence.

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