inch, inc.

Company Profile

Inch is a clever and scrappy engineering and product development consultancy founded in 1990. We do more than just make products that work well and look great. We are improving nutrition, exposing children to great books, and providing pure oxygen to remote clinics for the first time. We work with clients that we respect, and we create products that we believe in.

We have developed a wide range of products, including a Bluetooth Thermometer (iDevices), CD jewel box (Sony), wing de-icing systems (Boeing), audio speakers (Boston Acoustics), dental syringes (Johnson & Johnson), LED lighting fixtures (LSI), cosmetics products (Revlon), and a portable oxygen generator (Gates Foundation).

Our Bluetooth grilling thermometer is at the Apple stores, and we recently won a Best of CES award. Inch has been featured in: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine and at the London Design Museum.

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