Appeal Soft

Company Profile

Appeal Soft is a leading software services & consulting company, with a strategic presence in USA, Norway and UK.
Appeal Group, USD 50 Million enterprise, has been in business for over 3 decades. Our legacy and business values encourage us to invest in long-term partnerships endorsed by the fact that we have companies like John Hancock, Genworth Financials, 4-GRC, Coactive Health Solutions, LTC Connection and LTCIa associated with us on annuity contract.

We have years of experience in Manufacturing and Logistics, Retail & Food Supply, Infrastructure and Real Estate, Energy and Utilities, Automotive, Insurance & Financial services, Healthcare, Travel and Hospitality etc domains with successful completion of over 350+ projects, 10000+ man hours of experience.

We have expertise in Microsoft, Oracle, Open Source PHP/LAMP and Mobile technologies (iOS, Android, BlackBerry etc).

We cater a wide range of Services and Solutions like Web Application Development, Enterprise Business Solutions, Business Intelligence Solutions, Mobile Applications Solutions, Managed and BPO Services, Integration Solutions, Product Engineering, Testing Services, Migration Service.