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Tech2pack India is a Apparel Business Process outsourcing firm founded in Jan 2011 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, by Garment Professional Mr. Ketan Parmar. Ahmedabad, Gujarat which is becoming now a hub for Garment Manufacturing.

He has been working for the apparel garment industry since the year 1996. He has over 15 years experience of Apparel Industry in all sphares and proficient in illustration of any kind of Apparel product. He has sound product knowledge and understanding of product development process at micro level.

Our Services

We offer services of Techpack Design, Apparel Design, Accessories Design, Catalogue Design, Garment outsourcing Support and Embroidery- Printing Design & Sourcing support to our customers whom are looking to outsource their activities from service providers.

Our Goal

Tech2pack India assist your organization to focus on its core competency by offering strategic outsourcing of your key activities.

Target Customers

Fashion Designers
Garment Manufactures
Apparel Buying Houses

Our Assurance

You are always assured of the highest quality of service, accuracy and faster response times.

Our technological expertise and service skills enables us to provide our customers the most cost- effective outsourcing facilities and reducing dependency of technical manpower requirement without affecting quality of your business process.

We always assist you achieve your business goals playing role of your assistant.