Pixarch Architectural Visualization Firm

Company Profile

Pixarch is the leading architectural visualization company with offices in Saudi Arabia, London and Karachi that specializes in creating stunningly beautiful and incredibly realistic 3D animations. It provides exclusive services to Architectural Firms, Builders, Real Estate Marketing and Interior Design concerns by helping them engage their respective clients into taking virtual walkthroughs of high rises, Towers, Residential Homes, Skyscrapers, Stadiums and virtually everything under the sun. Our true to life architectural walkthroughs and photorealistic renderings of architectures yet to be built, give our clients the maximum advantage of experiencing reality far before its realization.

Our Services
• True to Life Virtual Walkthroughs and 3D Presentations
• Photorealistic 3D Views
• 3D Floor Plans
• 2D & 3D Motion Graphics
• Visual Design
• Complete Multimedia Solutions
• Live Presenter Chroma Keying
• Combining Real Footage with 3D Graphics
• Complete Real Estate Advertising Solutions
• Digital Compositing
• Web Designing