New York, NY

Shapeways is the source for limitless personalized production. With a growing online community and marketplace, we’re a start-up that harnesses 3D printing to help you make, buy and sell anything you want.

Our marketplace of over 3,000 shops enables community members to share their designs with the world. We’ve built tools to help people without 3D design experience customize, and even create, the stuff in their lives. By providing a platform for our community members to share ideas and gain access to cutting edge 3D printing technology and materials, we’re bringing personalized production to everyone.

We print everything on-demand, which means that every order is customized and personalized. It also means we try to minimize waste, and that shop owners don’t have to worry about inventory management. We’re working to democratize creation by making production more accessible, personal, and inspiring.

Headquartered in New York with offices in Eindhoven, Shapeways is a spin-out of the lifestyle incubator of Royal Philips Electronics. Investors include Union Square Ventures in New York and Index Ventures in London.

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