Nokia (China) Investment Co., Ltd

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Nokia makes adventure possible everywhere, every day. Adventure is any size, and happens anytime and anywhere. It's not limited to only big experiences. It is accessible and 'on your terms'. Adventure shakes up the conventional so that people can lead more interesting, exciting and richer lives.

Our goal is to build great mobile products that enable billions of people worldwide to enjoy more of what life has to offer. Our challenge is to achieve this in an increasingly dynamic and competitive environment. Ideas. Energy. Excitement. Opportunities. In today's mobile world, it feels like anything is possible - and that's what inspires us to get out of bed every day.

We make a wide range of mobile devices with services and software that enable people to experience music, navigation, video, television, imaging, games, business mobility and more.
From the invention of text messaging in 1993 to the introduction of PureView technology in 2012, we’re continually exploring new ways of turning innovative ideas into useful tools that keep people connected just like the Nokia Lumia smartphone range.

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