New York, NY

Five years ago, in an agency in North London, an idea to create a platform for brands, retailers and publishers to combine and leverage the best qualities of the Web, (interactivity, immediacy and dialogue) with the best qualities of print (engagement, discovery and inspiration), came to fruition in the form of Ceros version 1.0. Truly groundbreaking at the time, Ceros was the first such platform built to manage and publish magazine-like content designed specifically to be experienced online. Within just six months of launch, Ceros was in use by clients including BBC, Sears, Samsung, Virgin and Conde Nast.

Meanwhile, 5,000 miles away in the suburbs of New York City, an idea to solve the problems faced by brands, retailers and publishers in managing and collaborating upon huge volumes of content for massive global audiences, was also coming to life. Backed by an investment team that included Jon Miller, Ross Levinsohn, Alan Patricof, Ian Siglow, Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, Crowd Fusion debuted on stage in front of thousands at TechCrunch50 in late 2009. Within a year, Crowd Fusion was the platform of choice for TMZ, MySpace Topics, Best Buy's Tecca and New Corp's iPad-only news app The Daily.

Fast-forward to 2011. Fueled by the relatively sudden, profound impact of mobile devices, the public’s appetite for engaging, immersive, and recurring content experiences, had sky-rocketed. Satisfying the public hunger was - and remains - a brand imperative.

The challenge lies in addressing the imperative efficiently, instantaneously, and profitably, yet at the same time, ensuring target audiences are afforded the interactivity, the involvement they crave - regardless of the hardware they use.

In June 2012, Crowd Fusion Inc. acquired Ceros Ltd and renamed itself Ceros Inc. The two companies had been collaborating for some time and clearly shared the same drive and determination; the same entrepreneurial spirit. Their objective? Address the brand imperative by revolutionizing the way brands communicate, and the way brands mobilize their customers.

Ceros 5.0, codenamed the “Fusion” release, is the culmination of years of first-hand experience working with brands, publishers and retailers, determined to create a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with their customers. Technically groundbreaking, the new Ceros platform harnesses the power and reach of cloud computing to empower brands to design, manage and distribute interactive content to global audiences across desktop, mobile and tablet devices instantaneously.

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