New York, NY

We accelerate progress. Fenton opened its doors in 1982 with a unique mission: serve the public interest by creating powerful issue campaigns that make change. With our clients, we have contributed to some of the defining change movements of the past quarter century, from ending apartheid and curbing global warming to protecting people from harmful toxins.

We’re experts. The news and information landscape is changing dramatically, but one thing hasn’t: The most effective way to win hearts and minds is to tell unforgettable stories– and build movements through traditional and digital organizing to advance them. Fenton can help. Our strategists in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. combine decades of issue expertise from the non-profit and corporate sectors with creativity and innovation to connect with your target audiences.

We’re choosy. Fenton has always been selective about who we work with. We only represent causes we believe in ourselves. This policy not only serves our mission, but our clients’ best interests.

We’re impatient. Fenton combines deep passion and knowledge of today’s most pressing issues with an impatience for results. Like you, we want to create change in our lifetimes. We understand that progress alone isn’t enough. It has to be fast and measurable.

Fenton’s Track Record

We are the firm that helped:

Galvanize public opposition to end apartheid
Legitimize global warming as an urgent threat to our future
Compel government bans and restrictions on toxins such as Bisphenol A and artificial growth hormones in everyday consumer products
Prevent hard liquor advertising from airing on network TV
Save the North Atlantic swordfish from the brink of extinction
Establish the National Amber Alert
Create a system at the Centers for Disease Control that tracks data on violent deaths to prevent homicides and suicides

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