Leafcutter Creative Digital

Company Profile


We transform simple ideas into powerful business solutions by combining communication, design & digital technology. We love to share ideas, meet great people and make exciting ideas happen (apps, websites and more!).


Leafcutter's mission is to become a leading global digital solutions agency with a reputation for producing innovative, unique, robust and high quality services and products for established and smaller brands and companies alike.


Leafcutter engages in a range of communications, design and digital work that grabs peoples attention, keeps them interested, gets them excited and encourages them to interact on deep and personal levels which can be measured to provide real consumer insights.

We have in-house strategic planning, communication, design and technical capabilities and love working with the best and brightest to create innovative solutions and products.

Some of the great things we do include:
- Digital communication & social media planning; including identifying audiences, channels, strategy direction and implementation.
- Digital design, including Responsive web design, mobile & tablet design and user-centred wire-framing and planning.
- Technical implementation, including websites, multi-platform mobile & tablet apps, cloud and IT systems.
- Build Innovative products that help businesses connect with their consumers and achieve their business goals.

With all our work, what's most important to us is that we collaborate with our clients and partners to achieve best-in-class solutions - and RESULTS!

We love to share ideas and meet great people, so if you want great solutions for your business or you have something cool to share, get in touch with us.