LEM Products

Hamilton, OH

LEM Products, LLC
• Founded: 1995
• Headquartered: West Chester, Ohio (Suburb of Cincinnati)
• Facilities: NEW! Warehouse & Fulfillment Center - 75,000 sq. /ft.
VISION: Become the most admired consumer products company in North America recognized for innovation, passion and a reputation for always doing what’s right
MISSION: Delivering extraordinary solutions and exceptional experiences with a contagious passion and joy for our work and our products
What’s Our Value Proposition
• Expertise in our field
• Broad product line
• Intense customer care and responsiveness
• Customized personal approach together with valuable knowledge and advice
• Turnkey category solution
• Large Sporting Goods
• Farm Supply
• Specialty Sporting Goods
• Direct to Consumer (Web and Catalog)
• Mass Retail (Amazon, Sam’s Club)
• E-commerce re-sellers
Key Product Categories
• Sausage and Jerky Making Equipment
• Meat Grinders, Sausage Stuffers, Food Dryers, Vacuum Sealers
• Sausage and Jerky Consumables
• Seasonings, Casings, Storage bags,
• Accessories
• Knives, burger press, French fry cutter, cabbage slicer, apple peelers
• Catalog Circulation
• E-mail Programs
• Black Friday Promotions
• In Store P.O.P
• Supply Chain
• Asia based factories
• U.S. based suppliers
• 33% CAGR in Net Income over past 6 years
• No Debt and strong cash flows
• Diversified customer base and product revenue
• Industry beating profit margins
• Low customer turnover
• LEM is a fast growing entrepreneurial company committed to doing extraordinary things. We are a close knit group and operate under the credo of “Whatever It Takes”.
• We work hard and respect hard work. We recognize extraordinary efforts and always strive to accommodate efforts to achieve work life balance.
• We love what we do. We’re not making widgets here. We’re helping all kinds of interesting and passionate people make sausage. jerky and other great stuff. That’s just plain FUN!
• Silos don’t really fit into our office so we don’t have any. Instead we collaborate…..a lot. We’re a flat organization where everyone has a say, anyone can make a meaningful difference and we all pitch in when the time comes.

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