Primordial Soup, LLC

Company Profile

Founded in 2009, Primordial Soup, LLC is in the business of partnering with small, medium and large companies to develop safe and effective medical devices as well as profitable consumer products.

Psoup has seven employees, two of whom are principals of the company. Psoup employs one industrial designer, four mechanical engineers, and two machinists. These employees have expertise in project management, industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and manufacturing. The lean structure of Psoup allows experienced industrial designers and engineers to design rather than manage. In addition, Psoup sublets space in their 10,000 sqft shop to seven other like-minded businesses and can draw upon these additional resources when necessary.

Psoup is a very unique product developer in that they have developed entire medical procedures, including implants and instruments. Psoup has participated in all aspects of device developments from concept to human use. While most design firm’s involvement in a development is limited to the design of a device, Psoup has experience planning developments, designing the devices, designing the packaging and labeling, placing and supporting the production orders, verifying and validating the designs, producing the documentation establishing a device’s safety and effectiveness, and gaining regulatory approval. Psoup is comfortable developing medical devices using its own quality system or using a quality system supplied by the client.

Psoup enjoys a fine reputation as an experienced, award-winning product developer, and that reputation is growing as more designs reach human use.

Psoup is engineering centered, but it also offers world-class industrial design. Most design firms are strong on the front end of a development (industrial design) or on the back end (manufacturing), but few are strong throughout, like Psoup.