The Bradford Group

Company Profile

The Bradford Group brings highly-valued, affordable art within the reach of nearly everyone. What once was a business dedicated to collectible plates has now grown into a close-knit family of businesses offering a variety of consumer products to our customers. We are a definitive leader in developing and marketing the finest quality products, including, gifts, jewelry, dolls, music boxes, holiday ornaments, home décor, architectural villages, coins, books, personal banking checks, figurines and more.

No other company in the industry sells to a greater market segment or offers a wider variety of products, and no other company has the resources and industry knowledge to consistently identify and develop new product trends and launch new businesses to meet those customer needs. With the highest percentage of successful products and more awards than any of our competitors, the Bradford Group dominates the industry in product development, direct response promotions and customer satisfaction.

Our Formula…Marketing + Product Development = Proven Success

The Bradford Group has dual core competencies, Marketing and Product Development, that are critical to our business. These areas of expertise are interdependent and have enabled us to produce both winning marketing strategies AND unique, high-quality consumer products–key elements to our years of success in providing our customers with meaningful products that enrich their lives. It is also what differentiates us from others in the marketplace.