Company Profile

What do we do?
nineten is a modern creative business development "un-agency". We deliver extraordinary business outcomes, not deliverables. We're not consultants, but rather playmakers, trusted advisors, and get-to-it types that live for great products and experiences that help people live well.

Who do we work with?
We assist leaders and doers at exciting start-ups and progressive big brands in unique ways to bring a higher level of service and potency to building business value through good design. We love clients who think big and care a lot about people.

What makes us more effective?
As a highly collaborative all-star team of passionate playmakers speaking plain English, we exist to connect beauty, technology, and philosophy with your business...and execute on it.

What's it like working with us?
We take some of the angst and risk out of hiring agencies or consultants and hoping something of value results. Our simple and flexible Work Modes let us walk before we run together. Please take a look, contact us and let's talk.