Davison Highley Ltd

Company Profile

Davison Highley is a family company of British Craftsmen specialising in hand-built, design inspired, loose upholstered furniture. Moving ever-forward by enhancing longstanding traditional skills with a contemporary approach to design, manufacture, and green issues.
A choice of design styles to complement a designed environment.

A family run business with a history dating back 75 years; Davison Highley has a reputation of consistently producing work of the very highest calibre on time and cost effectively.

Our seating is designed and manufactured entirely in the UK at our own workshops. In addition to our ranges of furniture and tables we also provide a full design, development and manufacturing service.

We Delight in the Detail whether it be visible - such as the stitching, fabric fit, corners or legs or the invisible internal aspects where all the stapling is carefully aligned.

We use the very latest and best of modern technology, using sophisticated 3D modelling and CAD to combine with and enhance all of the traditional skills we have developed over 3 generations.

Equally, the best hand skills and attention to detail are always employed throughout to bring the dream to reality.

Our craftsmen take pride in their work to the point that they put their name on their work as a guarantee of the company’s standard.

Our minimum standard is 100% No Fault Product.