Bioworld Merchandising

Company Profile

Bioworld Merchandising, the number 4 fastest growing company in North Texas is privately owned and operated since 1999. The company originated under the name of Biodomes, creating headgear with a single embroidering machine for bands such as Metallica and Deftones.

Today we are Bioworld with upwards of 200 employees and multiple categories that include; apparel, sleepwear, headwear, footwear, bags/backpacks, hosiery, accessories, and small electronics.

Our product can be found in videos such as LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem,” on athletes like Robert Griffin III, rocking the caped Superman socks as he received the Heisman Trophy and anyone in between. We interpret brands that please their demographic, not everyone gets to work with Bioworld, as we select partners with personality, attitude, with a story to tell, and looking for a unique canvas on which to express THEIR story.

We’re always on the grow and always on the go…….with that in mind we look for go-getters, youthful, wildly creative talents to flourish the business. If you’ve got what it takes, come and get your creative on at Bioworld.