Company Profile

IK-architects is a collaboration of architects, visualizers, designers, artists, engineers, and inspiring people, so our projects are not only beautiful and ergonomic, but first of all they are reliable.
IK-architects’s goal is to combine in each project ideas and desires, comfort and safety. The aspiration to express in the architecture the identity of the Client in the architecture and bring a piece of ourselves. It's hard work ... but work and creativity leads to perfection.
Understanding is an important aspect of the work. It is necessary to understand exactly what the customer wants for a good result and combine his desires with our potential.
Love is the desire to give the part of ourselves to each project. IK-architects's creation is the face of our firm, that means that we try to improve its perfection.
Development. Tracking new trends in architecture an integral part in the development and using of the experience derived in the previous projects. No standard designs, individuality for each project.
The time. Today terms are very important in the work. Each person values his time. It is precious for us. We try to manage our time as well as the time of the Client.
Architecture IK-architects is the Life IK-architects.
We specialize in:
1. The architectural design
2. The interior design
3. Developing projects of restoration, reconstruction and renovation of buildings
4. Carrying out technical inspection of buildings and structures
5. Developing urban projects
6. Landscaping
7. The research concepts
8. Visualization of interiors and exteriors
All the work, that requires the holding of the architectural design of buildings, carried out step by step:
• Pre-project activities;
• Conceptual design;
• Project;
• Detailed design documentation;
• Design project.