The Nerdery

Company Profile

The Nerdery is a company and culture created by nerds, and for nerds, founded in 2003 by three programmers. Now an interactive development firm hundreds strong, we remain industry leaders in helping our partners imagine and execute interactive projects. Our engineering roots inform our approach by focusing on preserving investment in existing systems and processes while taking full advantage of all the benefits modern technologies have to offer.

By focusing on technical consulting and execution while leaving industry insights and strategic genius to our partners, we get the chance to sharpen our skills on hundreds of challenging projects every day. It sounds simplistic, but the rest takes care of itself. Get the best and brightest nerds, make them happy, keep them here, work with great partners, get cool interactive projects, nail ‘em, wash, rinse, repeat.... We’ve built The Nerdery to be the ultimate destination for nerds – a safe haven for them to not only survive, but thrive.