The Technology Partnership plc

Company Profile

TTP is Europe’s leading independent technology and product development company. Working in partnership with our clients, TTP helps them to capitalise on new and existing business opportunities by bringing new products and services to market by commercialising advances in technology. TTP’s expertise lies in a range of physical science and engineering disciplines which can be combined to deliver innovation in the main global market sectors such as healthcare, consumer, energy, industrial and communications.

TTP’s business is located near to Cambridge, UK ensuring that we are able to maintain a staff of highly qualified and experienced technology professionals, this together with a 25 year track record of creating innovative new solutions for many of the world’s leading companies, means that TTP remains at the leading edge of innovative engineering.

TTP builds multidisciplinary teams of talented, accomplished people with bright ideas. Then they give them the facilities, the training and – most importantly – the freedom to find innovative solutions to make their ideas work.