Company Profile

Help us create the future of self-expression! Lumi is pioneering a new DIY alternative to screen printing. It's easy, affordable, and anyone can do it at home with professional results.

Lumi is a small Kickstarter-backed company located in downtown Los Angeles, at the heart of the Arts District. We believe self-expression isn't just for artists. That's why we create tools that make it easy for anyone to print their own clothes.

Using our revolutionary photo-sensitive Inkodye, anyone can print t-shirts and clothing without specialized equipment. Our mobile app and web-based tools make it easy to mock-up and share your designs.

We're growing fast. In the past year we've shipped more than 60,000 bottles of Inkodye to makers in over 100 countries and have expanded our reach to over 650 retail stores across the world. We're continually improving our technology, through innovative chemistry and software. Come join us!