Company Profile

Mr. N. S. Srinivasan is the founder of Medhamind enhancement co. (P) LTD. Here you will get best brain treatment provider, who have number of years experience in their services. We are the providers of total technology based services at our website. We believe to provide qualitative services to our patients. Our first objective is to provide you neurobiological framework. We could offer you brain function training (BFT) at an affordable price for therapy, capability enhancement and peak performance. ADHD-pi is related to involve of impulsive behavior, the inability to stay focused and possibility hyperactivity. It sometimes include mental and behavior disorder that can keep one away from learning or performing well. What does ADHD stands for? It stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and highly found in children and therefore suggested you to take healthy diet for your child, after all the healthy food is the best medicine. We give you perfect services with our excellent technology.