Becoming Muslim a much to lot of my artistic friends

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Becoming Muslim a much to lot of my artistic friends kind of surprise and if I got crazy that in case I became Muslim and I went to a Minnesota visiting North Africa and Morocco on a regular basis and that's when I met a shaker said you should do medicine and I thought what media medicine the hot why should I do medicine but you know from the time he told me that from that day on people started coming to my door and saying Hakeem you know I've got this problem that problem and I say to them will did you go to the doctor they say I went to the doctor did this night okay well let's see what we can do so you know by a lot I we said pushed intuit but I discovered at that time to that I loved the studied medicine I love the study the body and that the Sun Eve plans as the senate nature and I loved all of that and as for those of you who have taken this tacky know what a delight it is to learn these things and to learn all of the pieces that are involved in a really holistic approach to medicine the awesome reality the awesome beauty on the physics on the human body and how it works died alone is something that with reflection enables an extremely powerful spiritual experience yes or no it's true isn’t I mean I buy I so often over and overran my collections and classes and from my own self I marvel app that Prince the very fact that weave this misdemeanor mechanism that enables us to keep from falling over it's not a little thing and not only dowel have it so that constantly I reiterating my own state being and presents to my environment relation to the ground my body weight but not only do we have that but we can become graceful with it I can't rule on one toe and so forth you know I could do very subtle gestures at my hand communicate to you very stiff I and marvel at that I marvel at the fact that I just handsome I had a little bit EE I marvel at the fact that the process some digesting and transmitting that food into myself me energy that that generates should cook my own flesh it should the acids and the things that are involved but it doesn't because my cooling system is so efficient I marvel not only a tad but at the creation around me that is created and is awesome and as beautifully designed as this and this is one of the basic principles that I learned from my teacher in Pakistan