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meals in one meal you throw your hormones are lacking apriority to be able to finish the meals and up yet say this all comes back to just good nutrition habits and minimizing bears' as much as possible the more consistent you are with your diet too fast to see your results yep graphic mention okay sui gay sorry we'll see you guys on next we were in United video these guys have to submit questions so we'll see that for a whole lot extra session so I thank you so much great questions by the way thank those are some good ones her yeah thank you see guys said C the ogle got a question from our phone calls himself Mizumoto says dear earlier given especial muscle building tips for men over 40 summon spirits may have had with your clients well so you up yeah I have lots of experience with clients that are in there 50s I'll an older and I'm just beginning to experience that myself be 35 this year and I never thought I'd say but I'm feeling the effects of H its it's inevitable I know are you guys watching videos years your 1716 fourteen-years-old it's like I'll never fucking get old well I thought the same way for a very long time Ripped RX NO2 Blast and of course youth is a state of mind but your mind is a byproduct of your but your mind your body is one so is your body becomes H he did as a is hi I'm withers the strength of your physiology your muscular skeletal system also your mind tends to change and then it's you know of course is the chair Inez is it because the stories I tell myself%uh age was because my body is actually getting older so we go first the situation of getting older and athleticism to from a two-pronged approach the very first is of course energetic your mind what do you liquor store you tell yourself and most resourceful stories that I've begun to tell myself an iced CV aldermen that I've trait tell themselves is that I'm not necessarily getting older and that means I lacked vitality what's happening is I'm becoming more sensitive and my body Ripped RX NO2 Blast requires that much more attention to detail this is what begins happening when you're young beat the fuck out yourself eat whatever you .