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we have multiple devices on the segment like between rather 15 in and switch 1 this is because Ethernet is considered a multi-access a multi-access broadcast media basically this is a fancy way of saying that you can have more than two devices talk to each other at the same time and we do this by connecting them 400-101 together with the layer 2 Ethernet switches then this which is going to make its decision on how it sends the traffic based on the layer to Mac Address in the case of a serial interface 400-101 when you send traffic out there's only one possible person who can receive it it's the device on the other end so in the case to the encapsulation I love hell-c or PPP these two you don't need layer to address is where Ethernet uses a Mac Address Expand-c don't need this because when I send my packet out the only possible receivers the other end so this 400-101 configuration here that we have right now this is using the default encapsulation up hell-c the advantage to using hell-c is that it doesn’t really require any configuration but it doesn't add any additional features for us like if you have different vendors on the link in your running hell-c sometimes it won't work or if there's problem in the packet gets lost each feels he's not going to do any retransmission the reason that uses is that it's a very lightweight protocol which means there's not a lot .