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provider can authenticate the endpoint to make sure that not everyone can just get onto free DSL service but the key about PPP is that not only is it a media independent capsule Asian it can add a bunch of features that the other layer 2 media's don't natively supported the other layer 2encapsulations main one is going to be authentication that if I have two routers connected together over some sort a link could be a serial interface could be an Ethernet interface if you were to run the PPP on top of this its going to allow these two neighbors to ask each other for a password it also allows you to run a feature that is known as multi-link which basically allows you to take multiple physical interfaces together a multiple physical interfaces and make them look like they're one logical Lake sometimes this is called bonding where between rather one and rather chill if I had to physical T 1's it might be cheaper for me to keep adding T 1's as opposed to upgrading to the neck speed which would be like a at3 you already s3 so 400-101 400-101 the idea behind this is that with PPPyou can run on all three of these interfaces at the same time put them in what's known as the samemulti-link bundle multilane then from the perspective of IP routing it looks like one interface so they were to form an yet European Jason see where they were to do static routing they point the routes out one interface then it's up to PPP to actually figure out is that go over physical interface 12 you were three then when the packets get to the other side PPP performs what's known as the link fragmentation 400-101 interleaving and reassembly which another words means you take your packets and split them up into small little bits they get to the other side is able tout it back together so even though its multiple physical interfaces weekend combine them into one bundle or one multi-link and is going to allow you to form these are these more flexible topologies hey this is the %uh the multilink in the fragmentation this is going to eat it take to the also adds our liability which means you ,